Until we sail again

Hudson and Denton stayed at our house last night and we had great fun…really. At their suggestion we watched a movie that neither Joel nor I had seen before, and would watch again.
Joel had to go to bed early because of work, so the boys and I went into one of the guest rooms where Denton picked up a guitar that was missing a string.

We all took turns strumming the thing and singing impromptu country songs. But after a few rounds of that, we decided it would be more fun to be pirates.
They came up with names for themselves and assigned me the role of Blackbeard’s grandma, a mean and awful pirate who also cooks.
We spoke of swashbuckling sword fights, hidden treasure, and pirate ships that appear out of the mist.
Then, we decided to make a pirate journal


that was written entirely

in secret code. And, we took turns

reading it aloud. Then, when morning came, we placed the journal

in the ship’s trunk at the foot of the bed … until we sail again.