When fish fly

Josh and Nikki went to some daylily deal in Baton Rouge for the weekend, which being interpreted, means that the grandmothers would tag team the kids.
My round started yesterday morning. It was a perfect day with not a cloud in the sky, so for lunch, they wanted to have a picnic.

The boys spread the blanket,

while Josie and I prepared the spread.
There was just a slight chill in the air, so having the blanket in full sun

felt really nice.
We stayed outside most of the day, except for a couple of

rest periods which always included Tandy, the new rabbit.
The afternoon and evening were spent fishing,

Thank goodness, the boys could

bait their own hooks,

and remove their own fish.
At one point Josie and I took a little walk, and she

stopped to rest on a rock. While we were there, I looked to find Denton putting the stringer of fish back into the pond. He was swinging those fish around his head like a cowboy about to rope a steer. When he released that stringer, all those little fish somehow just flew off.
That was fine with me, because I didn’t want to clean them anyhow. But, wouldn’t you know, that after we got back from karate,

those boys went back out and caught some more.

I was kinda hoping that those fish knew how to fly too…but they didn’t. So, I’ll close with a quote from my granddaughter, who, quite often says,

“Weeeeeee! What fun!”