Rendezvous with a Cookie

Wednesday morning,

Piper and I made the drive to

Tamp and Grind, the starting point for our weekly field trips.
We were the first ones in our party to arrive, so we passed the time by making conversation with those who frequent the place. There was one little girl

that Piper kissed,

and made VERY happy. So if he doesn’t work as a therapy dog, maybe he can try politics.
Along with Nancy, we were to rendezvous with

Cookie, and her human,

Not only are Piper and Cookie in the therapy dog program, they both have a little trouble keeping their mouths shut around other dogs. So, in order to remedy that,

we just threw them in the ring together. And, it worked pretty well.

Piper wanted Cookie to play in the worst way, but when that didn’t happen,

he turned his attention to Stephanie.
We plan to get Piper and Cookie together again…and then again…because they say the third time is a charm.

2 thoughts on “Rendezvous with a Cookie

  1. Well I must say Piper has become the little canine welcome pooch for our Tamp & Grind Wednesday morning gatherings. Oh and he is such a sweetheart I must add.

    Piper should seriously consider running for some political position because he definately has the kissing the babies and the ladies down pat.

    Over the past several weeks I have had the honor and pleasure of waching him bloom into a very handsome little gentleman. I feel he is a natural in this field of Therapy Dog work. I have watched him bring comfort and joy to those who just needed that little extra something in their day,a Piper hug and kiss. I am soo proud of both you and Piper. There are many hours of work and dedication that go into training a dog as you well know.

    Piper, keep up the GREAT work you are doing. Great rewards are just around the corner for both you and your mom.

    Cookie and Stephanie did some really good work this morning as well and I am very proud and honored to have them onboard.

    Cookie is another natural at this Therapy Dog work and I can’t wait to watch the many lives she will be touching as well.

    This was a wonderful training session, I look forward to next week.

    Piper and Cookie, I am soo proud of you both.


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