Month in review

As June gives way to July, I want to give an update on what’s happening in our neck of the woods.

The pigs are still hanging out, but making fewer appearances, thanks to their worse nightmare…Phil.
The squirrels hosted a banquet in our corn patch, and what they didn’t consume,

Piper helped me shuck.
That girl from New York

has settled in quite nicely, and she and Tandy have become buddies.

The wild horses are making their rounds out where Adam and Laura live.
Speaking of Adam and Laura, I’ve included a profile of their baby,

to be born in November. His name is Payton James.
And then, the day before Father’s Day, Josh’s bunch showed up wearing matching shirts. Little Miss Priss, who didn’t have a clue,

WAS the clue.

It took us a minute, but we figured out that grandchild number five is on its way, and should arrive in February.
The last report that we got from one of the twins was, “That baby sure is making Mommy sick”.

One thought on “Month in review

  1. Well it sounds like you have been a busy little bee and making a lot of memories this month my friend.

    Here’s praying you and yours have a wonderful month of July. I can’t wait to hear about.


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