A morning at the mall

So, last week I went shopping…probably not the kind of shopping that most grandmothers do…
because I shop at the scrap iron yard.

When you shop there, you don’t have to dress up

or wear cute shoes.

However, you do get to wear gloves.

Once you pick out your treasures from all those piles of fabulous trash, then you take it to be weighed,

  because at this wonderful outdoor mall, you pay by the pound.

It’s been a while since I’ve shopped here, so the guy who weighed my merchandise said, “Where you been  stranger?  I thought maybe you had run back up to A-laska.”

I replied, “Nope. But I have been to a 

goose farm in mid Missouri. To check out the goose farm and cottage where we stayed go to www.gosherdcottage.com