I can only imagine

We had a LOT of rain over the weekend…especially on Saturday.

  It fell so fast that the pond could not contain it, and it spilled over into the pasture.

  Even the fire ants, for fear of drowning, huddled together and floated on the water.

During one of the breaks in the weather, Joel, Nikki, the girls and  I went for a ride around the place to check out the situation and take a few pictures. 

On our journey, we discovered that the duck had a hurt leg.  We rode back to the house for me to get a net to catch the duck, and to get my rubber boots.  

While in the house, I decided to make a bathroom stop.  When I was done, and preparing myself to go back out in public, I noticed there was a frog hopping around in the toilet bowl, frantically trying to avoid a trip to the sewer.

It escaped between the bolts that hold the seat and lid…then it sprung  to the top of the tank.
It all happened so fast. One more big jump

and it was on the frame of a picture above the commode. That’s where I caught it.  

Joel thinks that maybe the thing came in the house on my clothes and fell in.  I can’t be sure, since I’m not in the habit of checking for frogs before I take a seat.  At any rate, I can only imagine what might have taken place had that frog decided to leap before I got in a position to look.