Go with the slow

Someone once said, “Hurry is not of the devil…it is the devil.”  I’m pretty sure they were right.  Some things can’t be hurried, so you might as well enjoy and go with the slow.

For instance, Saturday was a beautiful day…a little cool, a little windy and a lot sunny.  That afternoon I decided to cook a roast.  So, I made a fire in the fireplace and opened the front door.

As the coals were getting right,

I added a little grill that I had made, and waited until it got good and hot.

Then I added my roast


and let it brown good


on both sides. After that, I put it in a black iron dutch oven with some onions and a little liquid,
and set it on the hearth.  I put hot coals on the lid, and swapped them out as they cooled to keep the temperature in my ‘oven’ where it needed to be to finish off the roast.  

All that took a while, but because the process could not be hurried, I had a very relaxing afternoon.  I didn’t multi-task, but focussed only on making sure I had plenty of good coals, and maintaining the oven temperature.  

After several hours of tending the fire, relaxing on the sofa, and enjoying the breeze blowing through the room from outside, my roast was done.

Yes, it was TASTY AND TENDER.  So, go with the slow…it’s a good thing.