The perfect storm

Mammy Camp is going great!  Payton loves the park, 

but I’ve discovered that if you give the boy a barn, a feed barrel and

a chicken coop, he will be entertained for at least an hour. He’s a very busy little guy!

The girls, being princesses and all,

are a different kind of busy. 

Last Friday, after a trip to the park and then to the store to get some Skittles, I decided to put up my hammock for them. Everything seemed to be going my way.

I had a chair and a bottle of water. They were in the hammock…

laughing and having a fabulous time.  All I had to do was sit there and swing them.  

But somebody had guzzled down coffee milk at breakfast and then ate half a bag of Skittles.  That, combined with swinging in the polka dot parachute, created the perfect storm. 

I guess you know she threw up in my hammock.