Creatures of habit 

On Sunday, Joel and I left for a week in the Smoky Mountains.  People wonder why we don’t ever go anywhere else. We like it there. We’ve made friends there. Besides, there’s always something different to explore.  And, perhaps we’re just creatures of habit.

For instance, EVERYTIME WE GO we count the Ruby Falls signs along the way.  Years ago, many of them were painted on the roof tops of barns, but most of those have toppled over and there are new signs. 

We have no idea how many there are because we have a habit of loosing count.  But, it’s fun while it lasts.

When the signs run out, that means we’ve made it to Chattanooga.  That’s as far as we usually go the first day, so Sunday evening, we got a room at the Historic Read House Hotel in old downtown Chattanooga.  We stay there, not because of its history, and not because its haunted, but because its pet friendly.  However, it just so happens that the pet friendly rooms and the haunted room are on the same floor.  So far, that hasn’t been a problem. 

Two blocks from the hotel there’s a pizza place called Community Pie.  We love their pizzas!   So, we called in an order, walked to pick it up, then returned to our room to eat…just like always.  Piper loves to walk to Community Pie because he makes lots of friends along the way.

Monday morning, we took off for Wears Valley, where we always stay.  When we got to Maryville, we stopped at Target, just like always, to pick up some things that we didn’t pack.

Then we stopped at a place called Cycology Bicycles (we always go there) to get some socks.

When we made it to Wears Valley, we stopped in to see Tim at Smokey Mountain Grocery…(we always do…Tim was our first friend in the valley), before pulling into the front yard of our cabin.

When I walked onto the porch, I noticed that we weren’t the only creatures of habit staying there.  

A robin had made a nest on one of the rafters, just like the empty one that I collected from there in November.  This one has four beautiful, blue eggs in it.

We’ve been enjoying watching the momma bird take care of those little eggs, and are hoping that they will hatch before we leave.   But if they don’t, that’s ok.  Since they build a new nest for each family, I’ll collect that one when we come back in the fall…just like I did last year.