Some are still there waving

To those already gone

That sank beneath the water

Or that rest among the stones

It’s the wind that will determine when their journey ends

And where they will return to earth to help new life begin

Write on!

After leaving the Visitor’s Center we visited the Sugarlands Valley Trail. It is a flat circular trail that has a paved walk.

Years ago there was a farm here, but a couple of chimneys

and a stone wall are all that remain.

You don’t have to stay on the paved walk. You can take a right

and enjoy the creek that borders the old farm site.

Along the path there are benches where you can stop and put your feet up.

Hudson got a leaf that reminded him of something to write with,

and he left pretend graffiti all along

the last half of the trail.

Hanging out with the twins

On Sunday, Josh and Nikki hiked The Chimneys so Joel, Adam, the twins and I hung out together.

We took Tom and Jerry with us, which turned out to be a good thing. After breakfast at the Riverstone Family Restaurant, we made our way to the Visitor’s Center where we discovered a nice, easy trail to explore. On our way to the trail, we noticed a big red dog with the same kind of mountain climbing outfit as the boys. They must have been to Target too.

The trail led to a place called Cataract Falls. This is our journey: