Just messing around

We’re having scattered showers today, and tonight it’s supposed to cool off,

which for me is something to crow about. If it’s going to be fall, I like it to feel like fall, but in Louisiana you can’t really count on that happening. However, I like to dream the impossible dream.

I have a large, portable cage that I have considered moving closer to the house to put Fluffy and Sassafras in during the day. It would provide a lot more room for them to stretch their legs. So, today, I made it a reality.

Sassafras wasn’t sure what to think, since she has always been inside.

The holidays are approaching and company will be coming, so I thought that I would start clearing leaves from the front yard.

I blew them into the shape of the east coast of the United States. It’s always good to work on keeping your mind sharp, although leaf sculpture is really not my medium.