Short but sweet


Meet our new friends…Ad and Monique. They arrived with Engeline a little after 7 p.m. on Sunday the 21st. After introductions, we shared a meal together and got better acquainted. It was fun getting to know them and catch up with Engeline.

After everyone else had turned in, Engeline and I continued to visit. The next morning,

we gathered around the island for breakfast and more conversation. Then we did the

‘southern thing’ and enjoyed visiting on the front porch for a while. At least Engeline, Monique and I did.

Ad, who spoke very little English, checked out the nursery.

Then we went down to the barn to see the animals. After a golf cart ride and another cup of coffee,

it was time for them to pack the car and head back toward Houston.

The visit was short, but such a joy. Ad and Monique have joined the ranks of the many who pass through our home; their presence here will always be remembered.

One thought on “Short but sweet

  1. Ah, so now I see how you use that camera of yours……..but at least my butt looks good in the last picture hee hee! It was absolutely super to stay with you, you know you are making us want to come back!

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