Cold and rainy with 100% chance of grandchildren

This has been a wet winter, which has not been too good for our crops; especially our crop of grandchildren. Today, it is raining again, and like every Monday, the boys were here. So, what can you do on a rainy day, except maybe

watch it rain,

or pick your nose while watching television? Well, just get busy with house work and you just might find out.

For example, while you are busy, there just might be

a secret tasting if the Girl Scout cookies. Because you don’t have time to hide the cookies, your next move would be to…

push the table up against the door so they can’t get back to the cookies. This causes quite a stir. Then they might just decide to share…


with the goldfish. And share they did…

but only blocks and puzzle pieces. Then, for no particular reason,

their daddy decided to take them home early. God is good.

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