Thanks to “Preparation A”

We’ve all been there…a few days away from leaving on a trip…and there are things that must be taken care of before we go. Things even crop up that we didn’t expect. We know that prior planning and preparation produce a pleasurable passage…not only for us, but also for those who have to be around us. That’s why, for my upcoming Alaska trip, I have applied what I call “Preparation A” (preparing for Alaska). Preparation A is designed to provide relief from the discomfort caused by waiting until the last minute. As the time for departure nears, stress levels seem to swell, while more than ever we are itching to leave. So, before things got out of hand, I took action.

I finished building the chicken tractor and Joe and Nidette have taken it to its new home…

where Bonnie and Clyde are now at home.

I built a crate, and the painting of the lady with the shotgun is safe inside it ready to be taken to UPS for shipping (without the cat of course).

Beds (three in all) have been made ready for relatives that will be stopping by Sunday night on their annual pilgrimage to Mississippi.

And, clean sheets awaiting Joel’s sister who comes in Monday to be with his mom while I’m away.

I’ve purchased a car charger to take with me for my phone, as well as a second battery for my camera. And,

I have managed to fit everything that I will need for nine days in Alaska into one backpack.

All I have left to do is get a massage. Thanks to Preparation A, the next four days won’t be a pain in my rear end.