The only two loons on the lake

The next morning as I began to look around, I noticed that the B&B contained some very nice art work. Hanging above the mantle is this painting of Charles Brower who is known as “King of the Arctic”. You can read his story in a book titled Fifty Years Below Zero.

Finally, after realizing that Charles and the Grouchy Old Woman shared the same last name, I asked Sharon if they were related. Guess what? The King of the Arctic was her husband’s grandfather.

After breakfast, we did a little tag team wrestling with Minx,

who seemed tickled to death that we were up. Then we decided to walk down to the lake (in our pajamas)

and read our devotional together. We took the oars with us so that we could do a little canoeing. When we slid the canoe into the water I waltzed on into it like I had good sense; a fact which we all know is a figment of my imagination. Before I knew it, I found myself

in cold water…which was a nice change from the temperature of water that I usually find myself in. We didn’t have to tell Sharon what happened. She found out from the tattle-tale guests who were just about to leave.

Refusing to let that little episode have any effect on our mission,

we paddled out into the water in search of the loons that had been calling to us all morning…knowing in our hearts that we were probably the only two loons on the lake.