The fullness of time

For a while now, I’ve entertained the idea of turning the front room in the original part of our house into a gallery, and… the fullness of time has now come to pass for me to make that idea a reality.  I’m calling it A Bend in the Road Gallery to keep in sync with Josh’s Bayou Bend Daylilies.

As a result of my woodshedding adventure in Alaska, I have produced a body of watercolors that I am now in the process of matting and framing.

DSCN1896 DSCN1892 DSCN1893 DSCN1894 DSCN1895

I’ll probably wind up with somewhere between fifteen and twenty pieces.

My plan is to call this exhibit “Hanging Out on the Kenai Peninsula” and have it available to the public from March 3-17, by appointment only.  As things progress, I will post the “for sure” details. So, I’m looking forward to seeing you at A Bend in the Road Gallery.