We’ve arrived

Joel and I drove into Wears Valley about 10:30 this morning. Our check-in time at the cabin wasn’t until one, so we drove over the mountain, into the park, and to the entrance of Gatlinburg

where the NOC Outdoor Center is located. We both needed new pants and hiking boots.

These are mine.
By the time that we returned to Wears Valley, we were able to get into the cabin. Before long, the rest of our crew arrived. At the top of Hudson and Denton’s list

was the hot tub. That thing was not on my list at all, but you see where I wound up.
It was a nice afternoon

so we hung out on the porch while we decided where we would go for supper.

We chose the Firefly Cafe in Townsend.

We were all able to find something to our pleasing. Josh ordered the Cowboy Special.

It was Texas toast topped with hamburger steak, topped with mashed potatoes, topped with gravy and onions, and a bowl of greens on the side. “Hoss” Jaques ate the whole thing.