We all have ’em

Yesterday was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, and the temperature was perfect. I decided to crank up the mower and blow the straw and leaves from the one mile path that follows the perimeter of our property.

When I was done, I walked it,

taking note of the shadows

cast by the trees that the path meanders through.

Crossing the levee, I headed up the hill

and toward the five pine trees that stand guard around Pawpaw Rock. Pawpaw Rock is a boulder

beside which Joel's daddy's ashes await the resurrection. The twins have always gone there to play, and I remembered that on one of those times, Denton said,

“Mammy, why did the old pawpaw turn into a rock?” I offered up a brief explanation and he was satisfied…….but, I could sense that he was still unenlightened.
As I continued on my journey, I thought about that, and how, concerning certain things, we are satisfied, but unenlightened. Or maybe we’re satisfied TO BE unenlightened. I guess, as we travel the path of life, we all encounter our ‘Pawpaw Rocks’…. just sayin’.