Maybe tomorrow

Forest Gump’s mama would compare Louisiana weather to a box of chocolates, because you’re never really sure what you’re going to get…especially this year.
The snow, the sleet, and the freezing rain suddenly gave way to springlike temperatures,

violets, and

fruit trees covered with blossoms.
Sunday evening when Joel, Piper and I made laps around the property, it was 80 degrees and humid, with a scattering of mosquitos.
Then, what began its trip from God’s fingertips as moisture, wound up in Woodworth Monday morning as snowflakes, and on Tuesday morning as sleet.

There wasn’t a lot…not at all like the last time,

but it was cold enough for a layer of ice to form on the the goldfish tub. Do you see him on the left bottom third of the tub? Poor ol’ thang.
It’s raining now, and not that cold, but the moisture tricks us into believing that it is.
I’m sure that JUST LIKE THAT, it will be spring again…

maybe tomorrow.