Just like the Red Sea

We like to build relationships with people wherever we go on vacation.  For instance, in the Smokey Mountains there’s

Tim, who owns the Smokey Mountain Grocery

(the building with the green roof).  This was taken from the porch at our cabin.

Yesterday morning we went there to get a few supplies.  While there we asked about ‘Preacher’, a local minister that Tim had introduced us to…and quite a character I must add.

Tim’s son plays basketball on the middle school team, and Preacher always rides with them when there is an away game.  

The night before, there had been one of those away games..

    He and Preacher were sitting together watching the game, which Tim said was poorly officiated.

Then it happened…the moment Tim had always dreaded and hoped would never become a reality.  Suddenly, in an involuntary response to a decision by the referee, he jumped up and yelled one word.  Well, it was a compound word…one that hung in the air above a now silent, seated crowd.  There was no doubt who had said it.  ALL eyes were on Tim.

After what seemed like forever, the silence was broken when the lady behind him to his right began to laugh.   Then…

the people all around him began to move away.

They parted just like the Red Sea.  I hope Preacher stuck by him…but he didn’t say.