Thank goodness I knew the words!

The other day I mentioned Preacher,

who is the pastor of The Church in the Valley

in Wears Valley, Tennessee.  That’s where Tim goes,

and it was Tim who invited us to join them at that little church on Sunday.  So, we did. 


Were were glad to see Dakota Jack there (Tim introduced us to him two years ago).  Jack’s wife

plays the organ.

When the service started, 

we sang together,

shared communion,

 and listened as Preacher spoke to us
using as his text Matthew chapter 2.

But before all that happened, Preacher announced that

Debbie, who was sitting in front of us, was celebrating her birthday.

Don’t you know he called on ME … who had never set foot in that church until that day… to sing Happy Birthday to that woman!

I looked at him and asked, “Are you serious?” 

 He said, “Yes”.

Thank goodness I knew the words!