That was my morning

Today I awoke to another cold, rainy, dreary day…the fourth on in a row, I do believe.


Anyway, I was glad that I had banked my coals last night so that I wouldn’t have to start a fire from scratch this morning.  It wasn’t long before the fire was roaring again.  About mid morning, I noticed that the fireplace was full of really nice coals.  Not wanting them to waste, I decided to cook lunch over them.


I hung an iron pot to which I had added some olive oi,l that I had infused with herbs and garlic, and a couple of chicken breasts.


I chopped some onion, celery and peppers


and stirred that in.  I had gotten some little carrots from the market at Inglewood,


so I sliced them


and slid them in as well.  After adding some broth and seasoning, I left it alone


to cook for a while.  Then, I threw in some noodles and called it soup.


While the noodles were getting tender I relaxed in front of the fire.


I gotta tell ya, it tasted pretty good.  And that was my morning.