The seventh day

Today, Trish and I drove into Kenai for me to take some pictures. Since I accidentally let Minx out of the house, and she would not let us catch her,


she rode with us.  I wanted to photograph some things in Old Town Kenai, so Trish parked behind


Veronica’s Coffee House and let me out to do my thing.  When I was done, I found Trish


inside Veronica’s where she had ordered us both something hot to drink.  Not only was it good, but it felt good on my hands.

Denton’s favorite color is blue, and Hudson’s favorite color is green, so I asked Trish to take my picture

photo (31)

by a blue plane

photo (30)

and a green plane. Then, I sent them the pictures.

After returning home, I completed a smaller version


of the lake painting that I finished last night.  Then I did a small painting


of some little shacks behind Veronica’s.  And, morning and evening were the seventh day.