Wouldn’t you know

Yesterday morning I drove the boys to Vacation Bible School. Of course they talked the whole way, but about half-way there, the subject of ‘nerds’ came up. Neither one of them really had a grip on what a nerd is, so I tried to explain the concept the best way I could. When I finished, Hudson said, “Denton’s a nerd”. Then Denton said, “Yes, and when I grow up, I’m going to be a scientist. And when I turn into a scientist, I’m going to make a ‘light savor’ and it’s going be blue”. Hudson replied, “Well be careful cause you know magic is of the devil”. To which Denton said, “I know, but it won’t be magic”.
Right after that I turned into the church parking lot

and let those two out.
I headed to Alexandria to get a piece of gutter for my day’s project. Recently I moved the two rabbits, Sassafras and Polk Salad Annie, to a double cage that I put in the woodshed. I did that so that when I go to Alaska, it will be easier on whoever takes care of them. And, I thought that this way they could get used to each other and become friends. However, they were making a mess where Joel will be stacking wood for the winter, so I thought I’d take care of that problem before it got any worse.
I constructed a rabbit poop collection apparatus. When they use the bathroom

it will roll down this board and into the gutter. From there it will go into the bucket.
Usually rabbits are like out of control gum machines making deposits when and wherever they go.
I was excited to see how my rabbit poop collection system was going to work, so I made frequent visits to the woodshed. And, wouldn’t you know

that those rabbits held it all day long.