Slowing down for takeoff

No new projects for this week. On the 24th we leave for the peaceful shores of Daniels Lake

in Nikiski, Alaska, and I don’t want to be worn out when I board the plane.
I think I have everything set up with the animals so that they can be easily cared for in my absence. Sassafras and Polk Salad Annie have made friends

and I was able to remove the divider and allow them the share the whole pen.
Vegetables are starting to come in,




so someone will have to be in charge of the produce department. Perhaps one of those two girls from New York. That is,

if they can manage to keep their heads out of the clouds. This is what they did yesterday, and they haven’t quite come down yet.
For the next seven days, I think I’m going to just really enjoy my little piece of heaven. Maybe I’ll get caught up on a few things that I have let slide, and since it is so hot, I might do a little painting. A couple of weeks ago, I purchased some small canvases, and perhaps its time to capture some of those daylilies

that I can see from my kitchen window.
At any rate, I’ll be slowing down for takeoff.