Everything you would want

If you’ve followed the blog over the years

you are familiar with our Lab/Golden cross,

Matilda…everything you would want in a dog,

all wrapped up

in yellow fur.

Almost 13 years ago, when we brought her home,

I sat in the back seat of the truck and held her tight.

Saturday morning, when she ‘went home’, I crawled in back of the Subaru, and did the same.
I think Hudson and Denton described her best when they said, “She was our friend.”

In memory of Matilda, May 2001-March 2014

10 thoughts on “Everything you would want

  1. Susan, I am so sorry about Matilda. I loved her the first and every time we came to see Josh’s day lilies. She was a sweetheart and so beautiful. Dogs just don’t live long enough. I have 2 that are 13 and one that is close to it. I cannot stand the thought of not having them. But…..I wouldn’t have missed sharing their lives for anything. Ruth Holt Bay City, Texas
    I will try to send you a story about why dogs don’t live long enough. You may have seen it.

  2. Susan, I am sooo sorry for your loss of Matilda! She was such a sweet dog. We will miss her when we come to visit! Dixie, our choc lab “went home” two weeks ago. She would have been 12 April 7. So I know exactly how you feel!

  3. She always greeted me when I drove up to your house. What a sweetie. I’m facing the same situation with my Mattie, so my heart is aching for us both.

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