Let the jagged end drag

We are getting new flooring…and that sounds simple…but you know, as well as you know your name, that it’s not. You don’t just GET new flooring. You move furniture, and take out the old carpet. If need be,

you have new subfloors put down.

Getting new flooring usually involves a visit

from the Ghost of Flooring Past. (1976 to be exact)

Trying to put together a meal in a kitchen with dismantled cabinets that rock a coat of wet paint isn’t easy. But, you do what you must do, and then let the jagged end drag.
Amidst our chaos came spring break, and with spring break came Lyndsey,

that girl from New York who stayed with us last summer. Her visit had really been planned since August, only none of us were sure it would get to take place. But it did. And to put it into true Southern vernacular, “We are tickled to day-uth!” And…

so is Piper.
This morning, that girl from New York helped me move a piano through FOUR rooms…which proves that good help CAN be found…

even if you have to send for it from New York.

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