Watching a bug breathe

The writer of Hebrews encourages us to show hospitality to strangers, because, without knowing it, some people have entertained angels. Just the thought of that will keep you on your toes. But, all too often, we don’t take the time to really enjoy and get to know those who choose to visit us…no matter what species of created beings they are.
I’ve got this jar on the porch that I planted moss in…
just because I like moss.
Well, Sunday, when we got home from church,


there was a katydid perched inside that jar. I’m not sure when it showed up, but it stayed till dark. Katydids are more often heard than seen,

so since it saw fit to stop by, I decided to get to know the thing. Now, there are some interesting characters who stop by here,

but most of them don’t have sticky pads on their feet.
We tend to assume that most creatures are put together pretty much like us humans. We forget that although God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow…He is NOT dull, and likes to mix things up a bit.
Come to find out, my little green visitor

sings with his wings. Its ears are on its front legs instead of the side of its head. And,

the little booger breathes through ten tiny holes on each side of its body, and each one of those tiny holes has tiny nose hairs. When it inhales and exhales, you can actually see its abdomen expand and contract.
I’ve gotta tell ya…that’s the first time I’ve ever watched a bug breathe.

5 thoughts on “Watching a bug breathe

  1. I must tell you, I’ve never seen a Katydid before that I am aware of.
    I’m amazed at their ears being down on their legs and the manner in which they breathe. I have heard them for years but this is a first. I love the pictures of it.

    You know, we as GRITS, girls raised in the south, are soo fortunate to have seen and experienced things others have not and maybe never will ever get to see or hear in their lives.

    Loved this one. Hurry and send us more.


  2. Just how did you know his ears were on his legs???? I can buy all the rest but ears on legs…that’s a stretch.

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