As they say in SOUTHERN France…

When I gave my cousin the pair of Malaysian Seramas, she didn’t have an appropriate outside cage for them. I suggested she build a chicken tractor – something she was not familiar with. . So I said that I would build her one.

I took a cage that I had, laid it on its back and removed the bottom.

Then I built a frame out of angle iron to set it in.

Next, I made and attached a handle and

built an angle iron frame for the house.

After installing the walls, I painted them gray and added the roof and wheels.

This particular model is a hatchback – no pun intended.

It comes complete with a memory hose roost attached to a removable floor for easy clean-up.

According to code, there is a handicapped entrance.

On the front of the house is some decorative iron work because decoration can cover up poor planning.

So… as they say in Southern France…

Vie-ola! You have yoreself a chicken tractor!

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