Glad we stopped by

When we got back from our canoe trip and put on dry clothes, we headed to the First Baptist Church in Kenai which had been transformed into ‘Salmon Frenzy Headquarters’. Since we had come to Alaska to take part in Salmon Frenzy, we needed to know when to report for duty. We were told to be back there at 10:00 the next morning. That meant that we had that whole day to get to know the area.

After buying a few shirts, we were on our way. We located Safeway, Home Depot and of course, Walmart, which we happened to visit three times that same day. The last time was for me to get a case for the new phone that I bought at the AT&T store in Soldotna…the old one was in my pocket when I fell in the lake.

In our comings and goings, we stopped to watch some dip-netters.

We had seen people transporting dip- nets on the tops of their vehicles,

but until we got up close and personal, we didn’t realize just how big those things were.

Salmon Frenzy is a service ministry to those who camp on the beaches and dip-net their year’s supply of salmon. I’m glad that we stopped by this place to watch….because…we never made it to Salmon Frenzy.


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