If I didn’t know better…

Yesterday, my friend Kim and I went to Joe and Nidette’s farm to get some chickens and a goat…

like I needed a few more mouths to feed, right? Well, never mind that. After visiting a bit and looking at Joe’s new purchases, which included

a tricycle and

an iron that used to be heated with coal,

we went to the barn

to catch the six young Silver Laced Bantoms that they were giving me. With that done,

we went to where the goats were penned up to collect little Jasmine. This is her with her mother.

Of course we had to catch her first.

But that wasn’t too hard. Then…

‘we loaded up the truck and we moved to Be- ver- ly.’
If I didn’t know better… I would swear that Elly May Clampett was my birth mother .