Phase 2A…All I could stands

Late yesterday evening I started “phase two” of my stall creation, and le me tell ya, it had not gotten any cooler. But, I want you to know that London is not the only place with a torch these days…we have one too. Only ours does not have to be kindled in Greece during a celebration performed by eleven Vestal Virgins. We use a goat and a dog… and acetylene and oxygen.

Only, the oxygen bottle doesn’t have a label anymore because

Willow peeled it off. Anyway, I began phase two by rolling the official ‘Jaques Torch’ down to the barn. After the flame was kindled,

I cut out a section of the tin to make the stall accessible from the goat yard…

which Willow and Rose immediately tried out. By that time,

I had had ‘all I could stands and I couldn’t stands no more’. Stay tuned for Phase 2B.