Like sands through the hourglass

Jasmine has been here for a week now, and that kid is still as wild as the wind. At first she ran with Willow and Rose, but I was unable to touch her. So, I put her in a pen next to the chickens so that we can sit and talk and learn to trust each other.

When I go in

she gets between the fence and the big galvanized tub that I use for a worm bed.

Then she peeks out at me. Sometimes, when she’s back there, she’ll let me pet her. When I catch her, she’ll sit on my lap a bit… if I hold her close. Otherwise, she will jump down and move away. She is Rose all over again, only on a smaller scale. But that’s alright because, even though she still won’t sit on my lap, I have now gained Rose’s trust

and she loves to have her hair done

and be scratched.

When Rose first came here, Willow was really jealous. She didn’t want Rose anywhere near me. But that’s pretty much a done deal. They’ve become pretty good friends,

but occasionally, they do still butt heads.

Now Rose is jealous of Jasmine, but hopefully by the end of the month that will be straightened out.

Bless her heart, Willow still thinks she’s a dog. So,

we’re working on ‘shake’. I guess the next thing will be ‘sit’ or ‘roll over’. How do ya think that’s gonna work for me? Oh well, like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of my life.