All because of a one-eyed chicken

Yesterday was a beautiful day…not a cloud in the sky…temperatures in the fifties…a great day to take a country drive.  So, I did.  Well, not just me.  My friend Judy had been wanting some pet chickens, and I knew just where she could get a couple…so, we took us a drive down to Joe and Nidette’s farm in Longville.  Nidette had raised a Malaysian Serama rooster and a Silver Duckwing hen from chicks. They were “special needs” chickens.  As chicks, the rooster had had some sort of foot fungus, and the hen had had a parasite in her left eye.  Thanks to the medical skills of Nidette ‘Clampet’ Glass, they have fully recovered, except for the fact that


the little hen no longer has a left eye. You wouldn’t know it as long as she was looking at you. Even though she was attached to them, Nidette knew that she couldn’t keep them, and had been looking for someone who would give them a good home.


Judy was excited about the two new additions to her family.


She was especially excited about the little rooster, who has not yet gotten his crower under control.  I think that she has named them Pearl and Boss.

While we were there, Joe talked me into taking home a pair of pigeons.  In the past, Joel has said, “Susan, whatever you do, just don’t bring home any pigeons”, so I was a little nervous.  Joe and I caught the pigeons, put them in a cage, and set them on the back seat of Judy’s truck


right beside Pearl and Boss.  Since I am quite entertained by the show, Duck Dynasty, I decided to name them Phil and Miss Kay…although I’m not altogether sure which one is which.  Then, we drove off, waving to Nidette as tears streamed down her face. When I got them home, I put them


in the pen with my other feathered friends.


They kind of like the high places.

When Joel called, I thought that I might better mention the pigeons before he read about them somewhere.  I said, “Well, I might as well go ahead and tell you…”  And Joel said, “Susan, what have you done now?”

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