Letting them run

Traveling with children is a lot like traveling with dogs. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just that you have to stop every so often and let them run. In the Smokies, we’ve found that the best place to do that is Cades Cove. So, yesterday evening we headed back to the Cove for just that reason.
We stopped at the field that borders the John Oliver place.

The boys had been wanting to make snowmen

and this seemed like a good place for them to make that happen.

Josie came out to cheer her brothers on.

Papa helped with the construction.

Then we took a group photo with our new friends.
After that we drove down Hyatt Lane and got out at another field for even more fun.





They had a fabulous time.

Then, on our way back to the car, I found one of those mood rings. It fit perfectly.

Nikki asked what kind of mood I was in. I told her that it looked like I was in the mood for supper. So we made a beeline for the Firefly Cafe. I actually knew that before I found the ring.

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