That’s a wrap

Yesterday morning Joel and I went back to Crooked Arm Cascade.

It’s such a pretty place, easy to get to, AND

we like to play in the water.
A little later, we met the rest of our gang

for a carriage ride. Bless his heart, our driver, who is obviously not a good judge of character,

let Hudson and Denton drive.

After that, Josie just couldn’t watch.
When the carriage ride was over, we all walked back to the cascade.




Toward the end of our little journey, some of us couldn’t help but get a little wet. That was o.k. because our next stop was the cabin.

Good thing, huh? Well, that’s a wrap for this trip.

3 thoughts on “That’s a wrap

  1. Thank you for sharing this trip. im glad that you enjoyed the snow. the creek is beautiful. It is good to get wet! Good memories.
    Grouchy Old Woman

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