How to kill a buffalo

Nikki needed to run an errand, so I walked over to their backyard and stayed with the kids. The boys have been learning about Native Americans in school…the Plains Indians to be exact. So, guess what we all had to be…

including the dog? Yep, you guessed it, and our mission was to kill a buffalo. It really wasn’t that hard, so in case you ever find yourself in that situation, here’s what we did.

First we chose Native American names. The boys chose ‘Buffalo Hudson’ and ‘Buffalo Denton’. I chose ‘Paints With A brush’. The other two members of our hunting party couldn’t choose for themselves, so I made some suggestions. For the dog, I picked ‘Dances With Fleas’. The boys looked confused and said, “Who’s ‘Dances With Fleas?” I just told them, “Never mind.”

For Josie I suggested

‘Boots On Wrong Feet’. She didn’t care, but the boys seemed highly offended and named her ‘Dandelion’.
The boys sent me out to scout the area. Then when I spotted buffalo, I gave the sign, and we all ran with our spears to make the kill. (Whooping loudly, I might add.)

The buffalo was placed on the bar-b que, and

Hudson said this prayer; “God, thank you for this whole day, and thank you for this buffalo. Help us to always please you, in Jesus’ name, amen.”
And that’s how ya do it.