Woo pig sooie

The wild hogs are absolutely TERRIBLE in our neck of the woods.

They’ve checked out other properties, but I think they have settled on ours

to spend Easter break. The party starts somewhere around 2:30 in the morning.

I like to get up early, but that’s a little extreme, even for me.

The Wildlife and Fisheries have gotten involved, and the other night counted eleven of those nosedozers.

The hogs were in a grove of trees so the guys were only able to kill one and wound one. I was told to call if the hogs came back for another rootin tootin time…and they did.

I called the number on the card and left a message.
About an hour later, I got a call from a nice lady who said that I had left a message about some hogs.
I said, “You’re not with the Wildlife and Fisheries are you?” She answered, “No.”
Then together we figured out where I made a mistake dialing the number.
I thanked the nice lady and apologized. Then I said, “Oh, and never mind about my hog problem.” She seemed fine with that.