So much for remaining calm

Yesterday Piper and I went on a little field trip to

the Tamp and Grind. The goal is for Piper to be a therapy dog when he grows up, and to make that a reality, he must be exposed to a variety of places, people, sounds and smells. He must learn to remain calm and in control and respond to my commands…no matter what.
We weren’t alone,

Nancy, the dog trainer met us.

For the most part, Piper behaved himself, and even though he got a little excited

when people walked past to go in, he didn’t over react.

We sat at a table outside and enjoyed the day,

and the city busses picking up and letting off passengers kept Piper entertained.
And THEN…a gentleman walked into the Tamp and Grind

with this dog…and OH MY GOODNESS, Piper came unglued. He jumped up and growled and barked and things came out of that dog’s mouth that I didn’t even realize he knew how to say. It was plum embarrassing. I wound up having to put Him back in the car. So much for remaining calm and in control. But, you know what I think aggravated me the most? That other dog never made a sound.