To heck with the feed store experience

Spring is a magical time of year. It’s fun to watch things come back to life.

The woods come alive.

Yards come alive.

Meadows come alive.
Then there’s new life. One of my favorite places to experience that is the feed store.

There are shelves lined with herbs and vegetables, and there are

baby rabbits,

and cages overflowing with newborn chicks

and ducks…so many you can almost feel the rhythm of their little poultry hearts beating. It makes me happy; it gives me a buzz.
But, you don’t have to go to the feed store to feel the joy of new life. For instance, last night, in our kitchen, Adam and Laura gave us a photograph

of our new grandchild, which will arrive in November. We even heard a recording of it’s heartbeat. Talk ABOUT a buzz! Being able to see and hear that is the best buzz that ever wuzz. To heck with the feed store experience.