October 5, 2009


Isn’t it odd how we overlook the little things in anticipation of something more exciting? Then, when it’s all said and done, it’s those little things that we struggle so hard to remember. As I talked with family this weekend, it wasn’t the big events that we discussed. It was the little things…the special little things about people and times that had already passed. It makes you want to slow down and really pay attention…then review the moment again and again…so that one day…there won’t be such a struggle.

K.G. wanted to try growing some of Josh’s daylilies where she lives near Chicago, so this morning he dug some, wrapped them in newspaper and put them in plastic bags for her to carry home. She left with a variety of things: daylilies, sassafras root, rich lighter pine and memories of time spent with family, the last of which I consider to be a carry on.

With everyone dropped off at the airport, there were chores to be done and animals to feed. This evening, Fluffy had dinner with the ducks. I don’t think he was invited. It was more like he just dropped by.


The trio of Malaysian Serama’s dined together as usual. Things are back to normal…whatever that is.