The sky didn’t lie

Well, the sky didn’t lie. It has been a beautiful day. I helped some friends the first part of the day and then had to make arrangements for Abraham and Sara to be moved to the barn for the length of our vacation.

I suspect that they won’t be happy about their temporary home since they are not used to being confined to a cage. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. Right?

This will be their home away from home…nine square feet of prime real estate that faces their three children that they don’t know they have.

There is, however, a striking resemblance.


As I was wandering around getting things ready, Nikki drove up with the twins,

who for some reason, had been sentenced to spend the day in mismatched pajamas and dress shoes. They didn’t seem to care.


Then, right after they had a bath, Hudson stepped on a glue trap.

It is my understanding that GOO GONE is the only thing that will remedy that situation.

It WAS a beautiful day…the last day of my favorite month of the year. But, as the moon rises over the hen house, another October slips into the eternities.