The humidity lately has been terrible. It was even bad this morning before daylight when the boys showed up. I was hoping that they would be content to stay in the playroom…but they weren’t. They wanted to go outside, so Adam and I took them to the mayhaw orchard, turned them loose and let them run. We used to have to do something similar with Matilda when she was a puppy. Sometimes at night she would be so wired that I would run her down to the end of the driveway to chase crickets under the street light. Anyhow, God is good and He stirred up a breeze for Adam and me.

As soon as it cools off a little, I’ll start my next project which will be to place these boulders in the back of our property. They are beautiful pieces of stone with lichens and moss growing on them. They aren’t real big, although one or two of them weigh in at 800 pounds.

This little piece of woods is where I’m planning on putting them. Can’t wait to get them in place.

A visit to the trail







On one of our visits to the Azalia Trail, Joel and I met up with some of the residents as well as interesting wildflowers. We will probably make many more trips to the trail as the woods are beautiful in the fall. The flowers are not in full bloom yet, but at their peak they are a sight to see.








This plant is called eryngo and is part of the parsley family and blooms from August to October. It resembles the rattlesmake-master, also of the parsley family, which blooms from May to August.


The liatris that the moth is relaxing on has not fully opened, but before long the woods will be alive with their purple flowers.