My bags aren’t packed, but I’m ready to go

One week from today we will arrive at the Smokey Mountains. I can’t wait. When I’m there, it’s as if I’ve travelled back to a simpler time; not easier, just simpler. One trip to Cades Cove can launch unlimited mental journeys. I think it’s my favorite place in the park. I like it best when the tourist season is over and we are the only visitors. I know this is selfish, but I hope that by the time we arrive, all the other tourists will have gone home. As a matter of fact, I like to pretend that, for a week, we are residents.

But, before I become a week long resident of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, I have to make provisions for what I am leaving behind. When you’ve got goats and chickens and turkeys and ducks and rabbits and a dog and cat, you don’t just up and leave. Joel’s sister will be here to keep Georgie company and feed and water the animals. I decided it would probably be a thoughtful gesture to have the outside animals all located near the same place…the barn. This would make taking care of them much easier.

Soooooo…I went to Home Depot and bought three 2×4’s, some chain and screw eyes. This is what I came up with.

Pretty cool huh? I have a few more animals to move, but it’s almost dark. And, after all, tomorrow is another day.