Tonight I drew my bath water – like normal. Then I put my left foot in and immediately took my left foot out and shook it all about. Somebody had been adjusting knobs on the hot water heater again. HUDSON! He’s the only one that ever fools with those things. I believe I blistered my foot. When I checked the hot water heater, it was set on “very hot”. And that is putting it mildly.


Tractor Supply is my new favorite store. You don’t have to have a tractor or a farm to shop there. For instance, I picked up a little something there to get me through the cold, windy months ahead.

I’m thinking that it sure beats the kind you collect from the coop. Sometimes there’s more in there than just chicken poop.

Some days are diamond, some days are…

This is my “study buddy”, Cocoa Meow. I spend a lot of time in my Library and she is more than happy to keep me company. As a matter of fact, when I’m not on the computer, she is…literally. I think it gives her a warm feeling.

The twins were here this morning. Their noses are kinda runny, so we stayed inside. They are very busy little people, however they’re not busy at one thing for very long. Sooooooo, needless to say, they can take care of a lot of business in the six hours that I have them. Denton joined Adam at the piano for a duet.

Hudson got into my sticky tabs, which kept him busy for a while.


Matilda had had enough, so she relaxed with a peppermint that she had found.

It wasn’t long before the boys started hitting each other with some toys. So I confiscated the toys. That sure made them mad.

I told them that I would just take their picture and post it on my blog for all the world to see. When Denton saw the picture, I said, “Now that doesn’t look very pretty does it?” He replied, “Nooo, it’s bad.”