Now back in business

This spring, the Executive Director of Alaska Missions and Retreats, asked if I could make metal salmon. I had never done that before, but I said, “Of course!” The idea would be to sell the pieces to make money for Alaska Missions. So, Shawn and I began to collect materials for this ‘salmon art’.

Some of our metal came from the iron yard and some of it we got from the salvage yard.

The best stuff is usually the hardest to get.

But when you don’t have to get it yourself, it’s not too bad.

We made some of the salmon from 18 gage steel.

Then, there’s our ‘Salmon from the hood’ series. These we made using the old truck hoods.

After making ten pieces, we took a break for about a month and a half.

Shawn was out of town a lot

and I was having a new shop built.

But the ‘sisters with the hoods’ are now back in business.

3 thoughts on “Now back in business

  1. They are all beautiful!! It is so wonderful that u
    are able to use ur God given talent to bless
    others and honor Him!

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