Don’t it make your brown eyes gray

Any time they get a chance, Willow and Rose get into the laying pellets that I buy for my chickens.

So, I got to thinking…

If they ate enough, maybe they would start laying eggs and then we would be rich. However, we would probably wind up as a side show in a traveling carnival. Then it happened…


One of Willow’s horns punched through the bag of feed. With Rose’s head still in the bag, Willow got a little panicked and began to go in circles twisting the bag tighter and tighter around her horns until…….

her brown eyes turned gray. Rose, whose head was now trapped in the bag, didn’t seem to mind one bit.

Speaking of Rose…

In May of 2011, my cousins gave me one of their five week old Boer goats. I decided to call her Willow.

Because she was so young, she decided that I was her mother. So, when she was out of her pen and I got out of her sight, she would frantically search for me and cry really loud.

She would sit on my lap,

ride with me on the golf cart

and even serve as my welding assistant.

She became, well…..a second dog.

On the next to last day of 2011, Willow stood on a barrel that she had rolled to the edge of her yard, and jumped over the fence… which would have been fine had she not caught her foot in the wire. Joel’s mama discovered her walking around eating grass with the bottom part of her back leg dangling.

Pretty nasty huh?

So, we rushed her to the vet expecting them to amputate, or even worse, suggest that she be put down. The vet who did orthopedic work with the large animals was not there, so we had to leave her and would not know anything until the next morning.

After the orthopedic vet examined her, he said that he would really like to try to save her leg, but it would be a challenge and a process.

To begin with, he put her leg in a cast, which she pulled off the first night. Then he tried a splint.

After nine weeks with her leg in a splint, (Not the same one, oh no, she got a new one every week.) she was as good as new.

The vet called her a miracle goat.

I guess you could say that she came out smelling like a rose. Speaking of Rose

This spring, I brought home a friend for Willow.

Her name is Rose. Rose was about 12 weeks old when I got her, so she hasn’t bought into the idea of me being her mother.

She’s very sweet and goes on walks with us, but is still a little skittish. She’s not the sit in your lap kind of goat…but as we know, miracles do happen.

Even if you are a super hero

Josh and Nikki went to Shreveport for a few days to daylily regionals, so the grandparents did some tag team babysitting. The boys spent most of their time in their super hero costumes.

Sunday morning, about five minutes before Josh and Nikki returned, Batman (Denton), informed me that Superman (Hudson) had swallowed my mother-in-law’s hearing aid battery.

After calling a doctor friend and checking the internet, we discovered that this was not something to just ‘pass off’.

Therefore, a trip to the E.R. was in order. When we told Hudson he had to see a doctor, he said, “Oh no, they’ll cut my throat.”(This was something that his Meme had told him to try to keep him from putting things in his mouth.) When we mentioned that we were taking him to the E.R., he said, “NEW YORK?!!!” But, I don’t think he was disappointed.

He jumped through all the normal hoops to get to a room.

Once in the room, he got settled,

and did a little deep breathing.

Then he went to Radiation for some x-rays….

only to find out that he only thought
he had swallowed a hearing aid battery. So…I called Joel, who found the battery on the couch.

The moral of the story is this….don’t put a hearing aid battery in your mouth

even if you are a super hero.

Diddid a little



It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought that an update would be in order.

Hudson and Denton are now five and a half and serving as pastors of a small church.

Well, actually, they just got new outfits for Adam and Laura’s wedding.

Adam and Laura were married on the front lawn of Loyd Hall Plantation on May 12th.

The boys weren’t the only ones with new outfits.

Joel and I almost had to wear name tags for our friends to recognize us. By the way, the man with gray hair and glasses is Laura’s great grandfather, Mr. Woodrow Young. He is ninety nine and WALKED down the aisle to his front row seat.

Josh and Nikki are expecting their third child in August.

This ONE is a girl and her name will be Josie Lynn.

I took up welding a little over a year ago, and in a couple of weeks hope to have a new welding shop/studio on the hill overlooking the pond and Josh’s daylilies.

This piece is called “Heart Set Free”.

A friend and I are making metal salmon to raise money for Alaska missions.

We are cutting some of them out of old truck hoods.

This is part of our ‘Salmon From The Hood’ series. So far we have finished ten pieces that are on their way to Alaska….and we will be too, on July 17th.