With a smile on my face

Tomorrow I slip the humid bonds of Louisiana to dangle my feet in the glacial waters of Alaska. I have stayed true to my announcement that I would start no new projects until I return from my adventure. I moved slowly and deliberately through my week, making sure that no loose ends were left untied, and, found joy in that journey.
Yesterday I mowed…a lot…

and I enjoyed every minute that I rolled over those fields. I watched birds and

dragon flies, and breathed in the fragrance of the freshly cut grass.

The smell of the bitterweed sent me back to my childhood, and suddenly I was six years old again, walking through the pasture with my daddy.
There was this one egret

that hung around a lot waiting for lunch to fly up out of the grass.
I wondered if those loons would be back at Daniels Lake. I thought about how different the air is in Alaska, and how it will be at least twenty degrees cooler…maybe thirty. But I didn’t linger there. I wanted to continue enjoying my day…drinking the air…with a smile on my face.

4 thoughts on “With a smile on my face

  1. You take me back to the good old days with Mary Ann and Henry sitting on their front porch! Have a grand time in Alaska!

  2. I hope that you and Joel are renewed, refreshed, and cradled in giving and receiving love as you share yourselves with those people we have come to know and love through your writing. And, oh yeah, the reference to 20-30 degrees cooler was really unnecessary. It makes me jealous 😉 Have fun!!!

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