All over my land

For several years now I have owned Malaysian Serama Chickens. Malaysian Seramas are the smallest weight bantom in the world weighing in at a pound or less. In Malaysia, they are house pets. But not in Woodworth. A few weeks back, I gave my cousin a pair of them, which left me with a trio. She named hers Bonnie and Clyde. I couldn’t let her out do me, so let me introduce



and Mary.

They do what most chickens do in the South…

eat cornbread

and watermelon.

Like Peter Yarrow from the human trio, Peter Serama is the spokesman for this one. Because he’s so small,


he can’t handle a hammer or a bell.

But he does have a song to sing. He sings it in the morning…he sings it in the evening…all over my land.

3 thoughts on “All over my land

  1. Watch out with the watermelon. They’ll get “the sore head.” That’s what Mama and Daddy used to say when we had chickens. They get watermelon on their heads while eating and the other chickens peck them on the head.

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