Old dogs and children

Yesterday Joel took the boys down to the store and bought them lunch. They chose chicken tenders and biscuits. The chicken was Hudson’s, and the biscuits were Denton’s. Upon arrival back at my house, they decided that they wanted to have a picnic. They found a blanket that I spread out in a patch of shade in the front yard while Joel fixed ‘plain milk’ for them in cups with lids.

It was just a simple undertaking,

but Hudson said that it was a dream come true.
Whatever they were playing before they came over evidently required them to wear shirts with no pictures on them.

Thus, the reason for their shirts being wrong side out, and in Denton’s case, backwards.
If the boys are outside, Matilda, who turned twelve last month,

is usually close by. She likes to be where they are,

but knows better than to join them on a picnic blanket.
However, Cutie Pie

is a different story. I was informed that her last name is Pie, and Miss Pie

had to be monitored closely. Cats are like that. But old dogs and children seem to have things worked out.

2 thoughts on “Old dogs and children

  1. another one of my 149 reasons for loving you. . . you can take nothing and make something wonderful out of it. Seinfeld has nothing on you

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